2019-01-20, News! ICICC 2019 was successfully held at SCUT during Jan. 12-14. Know more about ICICC (click)

2018-12-20, News! ICICC 2019 schedule is available. (click)

2018-6-20, News! ICICC 2019 welcome experts from all over the world to join the technical group. (click)

2018-5-22, News! ICICC 2019 will be held in Guangzhou, China during 12-14 January, 2019. Submission opens now. (click)

2018-3-20, News! ICICC 2019 conference flyer is available to download. (click)

2018-1-10, News! ICICC has been held in Manila during Jan. 5-7 successfully. (click)

2017-9-22, News! ICICC 2018 welcome Dr. Arzu BALOĞLU, Marmara University,Turkey to join us as reviewer.

2017-7-5, News! ICICC 2018 welcome several excellent experts from aboard to join us as reviewers.

2017-6-5, News! ICICC 2018 submission is open. (click)

2017-5-2, News! ICICC 2018 call for paper now.