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About Manila: Manila is one of the Philippine’s oldest cities, and glimpses of cultures past and present blend together to give you an experience which is sometimes gritty, sometimes pleasant, but unmistakably authentic.

A Glimpse of the Philippines Multihued Past

World-class museums abound in Manila but the most notable are the Ayala Museum in Makati, the National Museum of the Filipino People, and the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. The National Museum was then called the Insular Museum of Ethnoloegy, Natural History, and Commerce and was established in 1901. Subsequently it was changed into a Bureau of Ethnological Survey under the Department of Interior in 1903, and after the St. Louis Exposition of 1904, the Office renamed it as the Philippine Museum. It went into further changes in its over a hundred years of history and in 1998 (in time for the Centennial Celebration of Philippine Independence), the new National Museum was inaugurated as the National Museum of the Filipino People with a permanent exhibit entitled “The Story of the Filipino People” and the world-class traveling exhibit, The Treasures of the San Diego- treasures recovered from a wreck off Batangas- one of the largest wreck finds ever in recorded world history.

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